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Checking against 100+ Blacklists & Performing DNS Tests
The Blacklist Monitor checks and notifies for over 100+ email blacklists and also ensures that your server is following best practices for sending email messages. You will receive four blacklist checks daily which include listing and delisting infomation, along with additional checks for proper DNS configuration, IP reputation, open relay vulnerability, SPF record check, and more. Free 30-Day Trial!
Why Black List Check?
  • Monitors 2 IP Addresses, 100+ Blacklists
  • Web Based Reporting & Email notification of blacklisting events
  • URL location of blacklisting for easy delisting
  • Forward, Reverse and Matching DNS Checks (the leading problem of deliverability issues)
  • SPF Record Check and Record Creation Wizard
  • IP reputation status & change notification
Blacklist Monitor (30-Day Free Trial)Converts to Paid Account After Trial
Blacklist Monitor (Monthly)Monitors up to 2 IP Address(es)
$ 9.95
Blacklist Monitor (Annual)Monitors up to 2 IP Address(es)
$ 99.50
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